Integrating 2011

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1. TItle: Cultivating biodiver-city in the region of Paris: the contribution of urban agriculture and market-gardening suburban farms to the city food supply

Author: Jeanne Pourais (Agro Paris Tech)

2. Title: Paysage Solidaire: A Montréal-based collaborative action toward ecocities

Authors: Leila Farah (Ryerson University) and Vikram Bhatt (McGill University)

3. Title: Role of Urban Design in creating eco cities; Town of Galle – A case study from Sri Lanka

Author: J. Wijesundara (University of Moratuwa)

4. Title: The Rise of Sustainable Urban Development on Reunion Island

Author: Dominique Dias (Semaphores) and Julien Peron (Engineering Consulting Office for Mediterranean and South-Eastern Regions)

5. Title: Designing for Food: Facilitating Continued Agricultural Opportunism and Entrepreneurship within the EcoCity

Author: Jacob Boswell (Ohio State University)