Alternative Resume

Richard Register’s Alternative Resume

Richard has been keeping track of his observations, inventions,slogans and the like for some years and sees the list as a bit quirky but a pleasurable record to occasional review. Various journalists interviewing him have dug them up, however, found them interesting and written about them. Some are self explanatory, some may require some guesswork.

C = concepts,   B = books  D = discoveries/observations,   S = slogans,   T = terms,   P = projects,  I = inventions,

x = invention that is exectuted, c = invention that is conceptual only

55        D – sunsets brighten when eyes are oriented perpendicular to horizon

58        I – glider with small wing front, x

61        D – shadow of Earth in east when sun is approaching setting proves spherical Earth theory!

65        I – tactile art x

I – the “happy face” x

I – giant sand castles for No War Toys (cooperative) x

P – No War Toys (campaign, organization)

66        I – color modulation as fastest means of communication  c

68        B – No War Toys Book for Young Writers and Illustrators

69        C – world holiday

B – No War Toys Circle Book of Circles in Nature

P – World Community Events, Inc. (non–profit)

70        I – river bottom castings x

I – water prisms x

71        D – rainbows in slow moving steam

74        I – planter mobiles x

P – Urban Ecology, Inc. (non–profit)

75        I – amplified–leap, compressed–air pogo sticks c

I – tuna fishing pole swinging from birches c

76        P – Berkeley Street Orchard Project

P – integral neighborhood

P – The City, the Garden and the Future conference

77        I – 3–D arcological zoning c

78        B – Another Beginning

T – ecocity

P – Vegetable Car

P – Pedestrian Day

P – neighborhood resource directory

79        P – Planning and Constructing Integral Neighborhoods conference

80        P – Urban Ecology Center

P – Slow Street

81        P – Berkeley Solar Greenhouse Ordinance (with Xandy Grube)

82        I – greenhouse bug escape c

I – dark to light gradation of solar gain paint for greenhouses x

P – AC Transit’s 52 Line

P – Energy and the City Conference

83        S – access by proximity

T – proximity policies (hiring, renting, etc.)

P – Berkeley Fruit and Nut Brigade

84        I – self–attaching metal screen for making concrete shower pans x

86        I – prism aqueducts 1986 x

87        B – Ecocity Berkeley – Building Cities for a Healthy Future

S – rebuild America in balance with nature (bumper sticker)

T – Auto Sprawl Syndrome

88        C – Restoration Development Projects

I – discontinuous boulevard c

P – International Ecocity Conference Series

P – creek stenciling

89        I – off center plazas c

I – keyhole plazas c

S – rebuild our cities in balance with nature (theme for Ecocity 1)

T – serious tourism

P – Heart of the City Conference

90        I – International Ecological Rebuilding Program c

S – build community not freeway

S – boycott all nationally advertised products

P – First International Ecocity Conference

S – peace on Earth, peace with Earth

91        C – four steps to an ecology of the economy

C – conceptual integrity

C – First Law of Evodynamics – miniplexion

I – banner securing system for hanging “critter flags” x

I – cars and stripes forever flag x

92        I – Mindwalk c


I – ecocity zoning map or “shadow zoning” x

S – shrink for prosperity

T – autodysformia

T – landustructure

P – Ecocity Builders, Inc. (non–profit)

93        C – landustructure

I – car–free apartments and car–free condos c

I – Gaiasphere x

T – agora futura

P – depaving

94        C – ecocitology

I – 3–D panoramic parallax no–magnification binoculars x

S – save paradise, tear up a parking lot

95        I – Rebar bench anchors x

96        T – Low Consumption Countries, High Consumption Countries, Increasing

Consumption Countries (LCCs, HCCs, ICCs)

I ,T – The society’s artifact list

97        B – Village Wisdom / Future Cities (Ed., partial writer)

P – Heart of the City Project

98        I – Heart of the Neighborhood Project c

T – Double TDRs

T – should–be open spaces (should–be open space acquision funds)

P – Oakland/Curitiba Ecocity Partnership (not established yet)

P – Roll Back Sprawl

I – triangle cheap paper lamp design (for H. of the C. Seminar) x

99        C – national personal exchange value (instead of national average income)

I – piggie comb x

S – Relocate, Restore and Rebuild (like Reduce, Recycle and Reuse)

T – Ecological Unit Development or Ecological Urban Demonstration Project

T – Ecological Area Plan

T – urban unfill

T – low energy city

P –  Double TDR Seminar with Jerry Brown, David Brower, Rick Pruetz

P – Double TDR Bank

C – circular causality pattern

C – dimensional pair: time/space, energy/matter, chicken/egg, male/female,


I – folding portable screen for projector, table size x

2000    I – projector/table pair for “drawn reproductions” x

T – lower income people / lower impact people

T – land use and abuse (describing sprawl) 5/00

C – Restoration Tax Credits

C – builder’s sequence 7/00

C – ecological landmarks (e.g. Montgomery Ward Building) 9/00

C – Aztec wheeled toy analogy with today’s ecofeatures 9/00

I – string wall gallery (for Watershed Poetry Festival) 9/00 x

C – “winning battles but losing war” because we haven’t engaged the big battles

yet 9/00

T –  Squeakywheelocracy 9/00

2001    C – Proximity tax credits and/or grants: for living and working close together 2/01

T – human–powered cities (foot and bicycle)  6/01

I – Peoples (string wall) Gallery (for the streets) 6/01 c

T – convertible parking 6/01

P – burl bench

I – attachment system for the burl bench: inset nut with threaded rod bolt (7/01) x

I – Universe model (8/21) c

T – as–is city, can–be city

2002    B – Ecocities – Building Cities in Balance with Nature (1/2002)

I – Ground Zero memorial (NY model with same sized animals) c

I – elevated keyhole plaza c

T – skyline haters, for humble city

I – solar eclipse crescent patterns projector c

P – Blue Line on Center Street x

I – city–scale curve making drafting tool (line maker) x

D – owl’s view of Andromeda and moon

2003    I – mouth and gravity operated aquarium vacuum cleaner x

B – A Home in the Future – Picturing Ecological Cities, Towns and Villages

I – Rubber band toothpaste tube clamp x

C – Necessity is the mother of invention but ecstasy is the mother of art.

I – Hinge/pole outside cleanable windscreen x

I – Mosquito tape: blood–smelling flypaper x (CO2 emiting?)

2004    I – Double lumpy soap tray design c

P – Strawberry Creek Plaza Alliance

T – Global heating, not warming

2005    I – X–ray city drawings to show streets through roofs x

I – Static electric windmill “kite tails” c

I – 6 up stick–it sheet printing x

2006    B – Ecocities, Second Edition

T –  Incidental community (not intentional, “social engineered”)

I – Restaurant pot-luck x

I – Seed string broadcaster x

C – Necessary co-design and economy and ecocity

T – the Rust Factor

2007    C – Rails and ecocities – that’s the wave of the future if the future’s got one

T – Divensity

BI – The Biophilia Project

I – Full spectrum ecocity

I – Open letter to ecocity clients

I – Silver sequence (variant on the builders sequence)

I – Nature of the Beast (approach, as opposed to targets & timetables)

2008    C – Life charts

T – Car-fractured city

T – Obviation (mitigation), Obviate (mitigate), Obviates (mitigates)…

T – Plazark (plaza and park mix – would include “keyhole plazas”

2009    C – Bengeconomics

T – Greenwashing, Justiceverbiage

C – The solution question: How many building and eating what?

I – Seaplane pontoon wave breaker

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