What We Do

Executive Director Kirstin Miller in Huaibei China

Ecocity Builders develops and implements policy, design, development and educational tools, projects, campaigns and strategies to:

  • Build thriving urban centers based on “access by proximity,” and reverse patterns of sprawl and excessive consumption
  • Shift policies to prioritize walking, bicycling, and transit and to reduce dependence on automobiles
  • Restore biodiversity in the heart of our cities, in the form of creeks, gardens, parks, farms and greenways

Our approach begins by understanding the place of a city in the evolution of nature and human history. We pay special attention to the key question of accessibility and transportation, and encourage our colleagues to plunge into an ecocity’s economics and politics, the kinds of businesses, planning and leadership required.

We continuously develop and refine our suite of ecocity design principles and tools that help guide the transformation of cities, from where they are now to the healthy futures they want to achieve.

Through our educational and outreach materials, we promote and help create the built human habitat in balance with living systems. Through hands-on projects in our community, we build pieces of and demonstrate the real ecocity.

Our research and speaking engagements around the world inform our work in advocacy and policy recommendations to government agencies, contribute to the curriculum of academic institutions, provide inspiration to the building trades and help advance social and environmental justice campaigns and initiatives.

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