Gaia Building, Berkeley

Gaia Building

The Gaia Building and Cultural Center is a mixed-use project in downtown Berkeley, located directly across from the University of California and the Bay Area’s public mass transit system (BART). Completed in 2001, the Gaia building has 91 housing units and two floors of office and theater space.

Ecocity Builders worked with architect Kirk Peterson & Associates and local developer Patrick Kennedy of Panoramic Interests, Inc to design and implement the first “live” rooftop in Berkeley. Ecocity Builders sketched out solar-oriented rooftop features and building terracing and the architect incorporated the features into the design. Currently, five more of Kennedy’s buildings have similar rooftops! Richard Register developed a series of drawings and concept illustrations which served as a vision guiding the project. With its terraced upper floors, attractive, solar-oriented landscaping, function room and spectacular views, the Gaia building rooftop has become a popular venue for weddings and other events. The project is featured as one component of Ecocity Builders’ “Heart of the City Project” and incorporates terraced roof decks, roof-top gardens, and electric car-sharing.

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