Huaibei, China

Ecocity Builders and Novatek meet with Wang Rusong and the Mayor of Huaibei

In fall of 2009, Ecocity Builders and Novatek consulted to the City of Hauibei China. The event was arranged by Dr. Wang Rusong and the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Huaibei City has a long history of proving coal and mineral resources to China’s growing cities. However coal production has begun to decrease as resources are being tapped out. Additionally, large sections of the city are literally sinking into underground tunnels and filling with water. Lakes are forming where neighborhoods once were.
Ecocity Builders and Novatek toured the city and met with local government leaders to discuss possible ecocity solutions to both the relocation and rebuilding of parts of the city as well as potential new ecocity-economies that could replace the former mining economic base.

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