The Sustainability Precinct

Sustainability Precinct Design Charrette

Environmental leaders at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) are challenging themselves like never before – and making history in the process. It’s called the ‘Sustainability Precinct’ and, for the first time in post-secondary education in North America, the BCIT School of Construction and the Environment will attempt to reduce energy and materials consumption on a portion of the Burnaby Campus by 90 percent.

Ecocity Builders produced a three-day campus design charrette for BCIT as a shoulder program to the 2009 Gaining Ground conference in Vancouver. The purpose of the charrette was to explore various scenarios towards short- and long-term goals in materials and energy reductions, first within the Sustainability Precinct and then campuswide. The outcomes of the charrette begin to suggest multiple approaches to achieving these reductions through practical applications and demonstrations of ecocity building principles while maintaining a high quality of student services.

Coming out of the charrette and informed by their sustainability goals, BCIT administration, faculty, staff and students worked with actual buildings and landscapes, real numbers and real data, applied ecocity concepts, and explored pushing the envelope towards achieving ambitious 75%-90% reduction necessary to practically address the serious impacts of global climate change. These insights should help provide information needed to articulate objectives over the next five, ten and twenty year periods. BCIT will be able to not only more fully articulate an achievable vision, but also to prioritize concrete objectives towards achieving their goals and creating ripple effects on the surrounding community and region.

Link to the PDF report: Sustainability_Precinct_final

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