Demonstration Projects

Our demonstration projects provide a learning framework for better solutions and development approaches.

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Ecocity Builders worked with the Gaia Building developer and architect to design the first “live” rooftop in Berkeley

Ecocity Builders regularly engages in on-the-ground ecocity demonstration projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cities are seeking innovative ideas and new approaches for dealing with priority issues and concerns.

Demonstration projects are effective mechanisms for forging partnerships between public, private and especially community sectors, developing new ways of working together, and learning by doing. Project activities and results are highly visible. Such first-hand experiences are especially important in situations where social processes, behavioral changes, and institutional reforms are the keys for success.

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  • Center Street Plaza
  • Oakland Urban Villages Project
  • Ecocity Mapping


  • Codornices Creek
  • Milvia Slow Street
  • Strawberry Creek Daylighting and Park
  • Depaving
  • Urban Orchard
  • Integral Neighborhood
  • Gaia Building