Ecocity CoLab

Ecocity CoLab is a network of professionals dedicated to making cities more sustainable. We come from diverse backgrounds and have skills ranging from education to engineering.

As a project of Ecocity Builders, our praxis is rooted in the concept that cities are the problem and the solution in regards to creating a more sustainable human relationship with nature. We realize that there needs to be more collaboration between groups who are working on sustainable development issues, and that if this collaboration happens in the right environment we can accelerate the social change that we would like to see.

This coworking space will be unlike others in that it will be a curated experience, meaning that groups, projects, and organizations will be invited to participate and work with us on projects and initiatives, both locally and internationally. We also anticipate forming new teams and working on new projects with Ecocity CoLab members. We hope that this will serve to create a more engaging working environment, offering more resources and tools than traditional offices or coworking spaces.

The collaboration lab will encourage experimentation and innovation through directed inquiries and initiatives, working with cities and citizens around the world. We will offer facilitated events, training, professional development courses, discussions and symposiums in order to advance awareness of trending topics in the field, as well as providing a forum for our members to connect and brainstorm. This process will be paired with mentorship by experts in their field who will be able to give advice and guidance that will bring your project to the next level.

Our academic and professional partners include Walter Hood/Hood Design, British Columbia Institute of Technology, CONSENSUS Institute, and Esri.

For more information about Ecocity CoLab, please contact Kirstin Miller at


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