Ecocity Design Charrettes

West Coast Green Design Charrette

An innovative way to engage the public and key stakeholders in a collaborative process, ecocity design charrettes are exciting, meaningful and interactive special workshops that include community members, design professionals, and other project staff.

The goal of the charette process is to capture the vision, values, and ideas of the community – with designers sketching to create alternatives and ideas as they are generated by the participants.

Ecocity Design and Planning Charrettes are a good way to build positive enthusiasm and energy for a project and capture the knowledge and creativity of the community. Charrettes can take place in a single session or be spread over two or three workshops.

Ecocity Builders has convened design charrettes for the British Columbia Institute of Technology, West Coast Green, West Oakland’s Lower Bottoms Neighborhood, Berkeley’s Center Street Plaza Project, among others.

West Coast Green has worked to spread information about green building to tens of thousands of people and our partnership with Ecocity Builders brought us to a new level. Together, we fermented intimate, trusting relationships with community leaders and brought them together with experts to plan for the future realization of their community’s goals. Ecocity Builders have an eye for what’s most important and a well-developed muscle for generating solutions. Whether they are in the boardroom negotiating or in an abandoned urban plot… they are always moving aside what doesn’t work and moving toward solutions that get things done right the first time… for the sake of the community.
—Karen Jackson, West Coast Green, SF Bay Area