Speakers Bureau

Ecocity Builders’ Speakers Bureau brings audiences quality speakers whose ideas are changing the face of urban design and inspiring the world.

Founder and President Richard Register and Executive Director Kirstin Miller travel nationally and internationally, providing lectures and slide shows on ecocity principles and theory, planning and development for national and local governments, universities, planning organizations, and community organizations.

We speak frequently. A partial list of speaking engagements include, for last year: 100th Anniversary Celebration, Tel Aviv, Israel, April, 2009; International Ecopolis Forum, Huaibei, China, May, 2009; Urban Ecology Conference, Montreal, Canada, June, 2009, Green Management Forum and Ecocity Workshop, Seoul, South Korea, August 2009; Gaining Ground Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada, October, 2009, United Nations Global   Forum on Human Settlements, Shenzhen, China, November, 2009, Eighth International Ecocity Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, December, 2009.

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Richard Register

Richard Register, President, Ecocity Builders

Richard Register is one of the world’s great theorists and authors in ecological city design and planning. He is also a practitioner with three decades of experience activating local projects, pushing establishment buttons and working with environmentalists and developers to get a better city built and running. Click here for more information on Richard’s speaking schedule.

The following is a sample of some of the organizations and events that Richard has addressed:

  • Stockholm Conference (alternative event)
  • Rio de Janeiro Conference (alternative event)
  • Johannesburg Conference (alternative event)
  • Habitat II, Istanbul
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • National Council for Science and the Environment
  • Open University for the Environment. Curitiba. Brazil
  • Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
  • California College of Arts and Crafts
  • World Futures Society Conference
  • Eco Wave Conference on Ecological Architecture

…as well as university classes, architectural firms, futurist conferences, student body events at colleges, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, business councils, small local creek restoration groups, city government agencies, transportation departments, scientific associations, and the various conferences and workshops that he himself has organized.

Richard’s speaking fee averages $5,000, plus transportation and expenses, depending on the nature of the event.

Kirstin Miller

Kirstin Miller, Executive Director, Ecocity Builders

Kirstin Miller is an environmental activist, community organizer, and a writer and editor. She has been with Ecocity Builders since 1997 and currently serves as Executive Director. Kirstin has presented for the organization locally, nationally and internationally. She was a speaker at the 7th World Wilderness Congress in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2001, the 5th International Ecocity Conference in Shenzhen China in 2002,  Towards CarFree Cities III in Prague, Czech Republic, 2003,  and The 6th, 7th and 8th International Ecocity Conferences in Bangalore India, San Francisco USA and Istanbul Turkey. She was also a plenary speaker at two convenings of the Global Forum on Human Settlements in Shenzhen and Hueibi China (2008, 2009) and the 4th International Forum on Ecopolis Development, Chende China, 2010. Her articles and essays on ecocities, urban ecology and the environment have appeared in a number of publications, including Orion Afield, Ecotecture and Wilderness and Human Communities, The Spirit of the 21st Century.

Kirstin works closely with Ecocity Builders’ President Richard Register in the development of the organization’s “toolbox” of strategies, such as car free by contract housing, environmental restoration transfer of development rights, centers oriented development, ecological demonstration projects and ecological zoning overlay mapping.

She also helps coordinate an alliance of local environmental organizations working to promote and advance ecologically healthy urban policies and projects, including the development of an ecological demonstration project in the heart of Berkeley, CA.

In addition to serving as Executive Director for Ecocity Builders, Kirstin also teaches a class on The Ecological City Structure at the University of California, Berkeley Extension in San Francisco and is a Board Member of the International Ecocity Conference Series Committee.

I want to thank Kirstin Miller for speaking to my Environmental Issues class (ESPM 10) at Cal on April 1, 2010. The 150 students are learning about urban environments and consumerism, and their environmental impacts. Kirstin gave a truly excellent and exciting talk on how urban to rethink urban environments, providing excellent local examples and case studies. In my opinion, the biggest challenges facing this organization is a historical lack of sound urban planning in the USA. This trend will eventually HAVE to be broken as petroleum runs out, but Ecocity has the platform to start this process much earlier before a catastrophe develops.
—Dr. R. Amundson, University of California, Berkeley