Oil Independent Oakland Action Plan

On October 17, 2006, the Oakland City Council adopted legislation, sponsored by Councilmember Nancy Nadel, creating a Task Force to help make Oakland oil independent by 2020.

Inspired by Sweden, which released a landmark national action plan in June 2006 that articulates programs and policy measures that are expected to reduce oil consumption in Sweden by as much as 40-50% by 2020, the City of Oakland hopes to provide a similar model for cities in the U.S. – which are facing an absence of state and federal leadership on sustainable energy policy.

The Oil Independent Oakland (OIO) By 2020 Task Force, was composed of local, regional, and national experts. Ecocity Builders’ President Richard Register served as the appointee of Councilmember Larry Reid. The group developed a robust oil independence plan, consolidating measures from around the world that can be used locally to reduce oil consumption citywide.

The action plan recommend initiatives to not only reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, but to also establish Oakland as a national leader in the green economy and green jobs creation, while seeking to secure Oakland’s energy needs.

Ecocity Mapping and the Urban Villages Approach for increasing walkability and decreasing GHG and oil dependency became a central strategy for the recommendations.

Task Force Recommendation 1

1 Redesign the City using the concept of Urban Villages
Step 1— Amend the Land Use and Transportation element of the General Plan and the Zoning Ordinance to create a framework for Urban Villages
Step 2 — Craft high density and mixed use design review standards
Step 3 — Develop a financial strategy for infrastructure and public improvements to support the preferred transportation hierarchy and urban villages
Step 4 — Revise the Transfer of Development Rights ordinance to establish additional conservation and open space areas

Ecocity Builders provided several presentations to the Task Force and convened a day long workshop with local housing and transit agencies, social justice advocates and city planners at Oakland City Hall to further discuss the Urban Villages approach.

1. Oil Independent by 2020 Action Plan [PDF]

2. Appendix with additional research and support materials provided by Ecocity Builders [PDF]

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