International Ecocity Conference- New Pathways


Schema for the program of the Ecocity World Summit 2015 in Abu Dhabi, based on the IEFS.

With attendance and interest in our International Ecocity Conference Series (IECS) and its Ecocity World Summits growing significantly, in 2015 Ecocity Builders announced the launch of New Pathways to provide a forum for deeper exploration of intriguing and perhaps unique ecocity ideas and actions.

Like the Summits, the New Pathways focus on urban problems and solutions regarding climate change, renewable energy, non-car transportation, environmentally healthy architecture and city layout. They have a strong focus on bottom-up approaches and democratic participation in the decision making process for how we live in our built communities.

Honoring the kind of whole systems thinking so pivotal to ecologically healthy urban design, host cities use the International Ecocity Framework and Standards (IEFS) as a general guideline for their program.

The New Pathways Conference Series also adds a unique and important dimension: it allows host cities to put greater focus on localized issues, discussions, and solutions.

Bridging the two-year gap between the larger summits, New Pathways Conference Series are held year-round, without too closely preceding or following a scheduled Ecocity World Summit. Applications to host a New Pathways Conference Series are accepted on a rolling basis.

For more info and to receive an application manual, please email Ecocity Builders’ Executive Director Kirstin Miller ( with a copy to her assistant, Naomi Grunditz (

To familiarize yourself with the Ecocity concept, we suggest a perusal of the following articles.

The conference provides an opportunity for showcasing the host city’s particular relevant contributions to an international movement with opportunities for solving local problems and leading toward new innovations advancing cultural and technological creativity.